Inauguration of Operation Theatre and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Operation Theatre and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) held at Sohail Trust Hospital (STH). Honorable Prof Dr. Khalid Ashrafi Principal, Karachi Medical & Dental College and Vice President, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, inaugurated the OT complex & ICU. Prof. Dr Hussain Mehdi Principal Sohail Trust Hospital, presented shield to the chief guest. "This is the beginning of new era for STH, we will ensure to play our role for this cost, this new facility will bring more facilitation to the patients and it is going to provide easy treatment to the needy ones" Prof. Dr. Khalid Ashrafi.


Awareness Session on World Heart Day

Word Heart Day Celebrations at Sohail Trust Hospital. A session was arranged to discuss the importance of healthy heart and risk to reduce heart disease. Prof. Dr. S.M Inkisar Ali and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Syed Jamshed Ali Kazmi were the chief guest for the event, Dr.Urooj Riaz leaded the session, faculty members, doctors and staff member participated in the event. While addressing the importance of heart health Prof. Dr. S.M Inkisar Ali said "Heart disease is deadly and one of the highest contributor of global deaths, its even higher than combine deaths cause by aids and cancer, healthy diet, simple lifestyle modification and daily 30 mins exercise can significantly reduce the chances of heart disease". The session was followed by small walk for the awareness about heart disease.


Breast Cancer Awareness Session

October is the month which is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month This form of cancer has become a global issue and increasing every year, basic awareness and preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of this disease. In Pakistan, some major initiates are required to fight against this deadly disease. Dr. Rasheeqa Mehmood General Surgeon & Senior Registrar at Sohail Trust Hospital and Dr.Sadqa Bano General/Breast Surgeon at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital, conducted 4 sessions for the medical students at Sohail Trust Hospital, to spread awareness about the disease and what can be the preventive measure to protect yourself against Breast Cancer.


Biennial International Pediatric Conference

Pakistan Pediatric Association organized its Biennial International Pediatric Conference at Quetta from 26th to 29th November, 2020. From Sohail Trust Hospital, Professor Inkisar Ali and other faculty participated in this conference. Professor Inkisar Ali participated in Gold Medal committee meeting and Central executive board meeting. He chaired important sessions on Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Hematology Oncology. The organizers honoured active senior Pediatricians for academic services and services to P.P.A. Professor Inkisar Ali (STH) was also awarded special gift. Reported by Dr. Uzma Arshad, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, JMDC