Emergency (24 Hours)

Emergencies are unexpected and unpredictable. In most emergency situations, time is of the essence. The Emergency Services at Sohail Trust Hospital is open 24 hours a day, providing free of cost treatments or at highly subsidized rates and accepts patients of all ages, with all types of emergencies. We aim to provide comprehensive and compassionate emergency medical care that is appropriate to the level of medical urgency need, as presented by the patient. We, at Sohail Trust Hospital, are extremely committed to providing the best and Urgent care to all Emergency & Trauma patients.

General OPD / Filter Clinic

Patients are screened, investigated, diagnosed and are referred to specialist clinics or other specialties as needed. “The ‘filter clinic,’ which would serve as an outpatient department (OPD), has been developed with an aim to avoid unnecessary load in the emergency department,”

Operation Theater

Operation theatres at Sohail Trust Hospital are the backbone of the hospital. The hospital is determined to provide free health care facilities for the underprivileged patients with state-of-the-art, fully equipped, international standard theatres. The highly professional physician and nursing staff will conduct a pre-operative assessment in order to ensure that you are ready for your surgery and you will be prepared for your surgery.


Hospital admissions are advised doctors for patients who need thorough clinical evaluation, observation and therapeutic care. Sohail Trust Hospital runs an excellent high volume inpatient service for all medical and surgical conditions. Patients receive our inpatient services which include fully functional wards and high dependency units. Inpatient facilities are efficiently run our highly skilled doctors, nursing staff and round the clock diagnostic services offering highly subsidized rates. The availability of all the services under one roof makes us a one stop solution for all our patients.

Day Care

Sohail Trust Hospital provides a Day Care facility where a patient wouldn't have to stay overnight following a procedure. They undergo a surgery or procedure at the Day care, kept for a few hours for observation and if all seems well, discharged. They or whoever accompanied them are given instructions on post op or post procedure care and reportable signs and symptoms. For example some cases of Cataract surgery, a few ENT procedures

Dialysis Service

Sohail Trust hospital has successfully inaugurated the FREE Dialysis services on January 20, 2021. Around 90 per cent of patients that seek treatment at Sohail Trust Hospital are under privilege and cannot afford the cost of treatment. Therefore, with generous support of our donors, we provide comprehensive renal care either free-of-cost or at largely subsidized rates to “mustaheq” patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Clinical services

Laboratory & Blood Bank (24 Hours)

The Sohail Trust Hospital Clinical Laboratory is committed to providing high standard of diagnostic services to the hospital and community at large, through inpatient, outpatient and outreach modalities. The Clinical Laboratory department is multi-sectional and performs various routine and specialized diagnostic testing on in-patients and out-patients of all ages free of cost or at largely subsidized rates. The goal of Sohail Trust Blood Bank is to “Provide safe blood from donor to patient assuring all safety guidelines”

Pharmacy (24 Hours)

Sohail Trust Hospital has a well-stocked pharmacy with a proper storage facilities,handle with highly qualified pharmacists and well trained pharmacy technicians.

Radiology & Imaging Services

The Sohail Trust Hospital is providing premium quality imaging services to the patients. It is a highly advanced, full service department which strives to meet all patients’ and clinicians’ need in diagnostic imaging and Image-guided therapies. The Radiology department offers a wide range of non-invasive and interventional radiological services. Specialized consultants work to deliver prompt and conclusive reports. Radiology has a full range of diagnostic scanners and a team of skillful technicians and clinical radiologists.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Services at Sohail Trust Hospital provide a compassionate and comprehensive program for adults and children in overcoming physical, neurological, cognitive impairments and disabilities caused injury or disease. All our physiotherapists are highly trained, equipped with sophisticated equipment and work within an interdisciplinary medical team to provide examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and interventions towards achieving the treatment goals of every patient.